Athenius is a non-profit organization that, just like many large companies, wants to send people into space, but they do not just send people there, the plan is that they continue to live there. The idea comes from the plans of NASA and Elon Musk's SpaceX to let people live on Mars. Athenius wants to give ordinary people a chance to get into space without having to pay millions for it. The only people allowed to visit the space are astronauts with years of training.


To send people into outer space, Athenius needs a decent amount of money to make that happen.  Every person (with or without account) has the opportunity to donate, but people with a account are assured to go to space. Once we have enough money we can start building the spaceship that will carry all the people.

Expected destination of the spaceship

Interested and want to help out?

Want to know more about the donation process?

To realize our goal, Athenius has to raise money. We raise this money through donations from people who want to go to space. The donated money will be used to advertise, to build the spaceship and to finance other things. You are free to donate what you want/can, but people who donate more have a greater chance to go to space.   If you want to donate but don't want a change to go to space, there is a button for that just above.


Once enough money is raised and the spaceship is build, plans can be made to send the the ship and people into space. Everyone will be noticed via email whether they can come on board or not. If too many people made a donation, the once who donated the most will be the first to come on board.

Where does it take place?

The 'journey' will take place in a specially designed spaceship. There is enough space for hundreds of people, and there is also enough space for various accommodations. Think of sports facilities, entertainment centers to offer people as much as possible. You do not have to worry about floating around in the spaceship, we have thought of that. The spaceship has a special magnetic field which creates gravity inside of the ship, otherwise it is not possible for example to play a game of tennis. The spacecraft will take a few months to reach its final position: in orbit just beyond Mars. After being in orbit, we will be staying there as long as possible until we have to refuel on Mars.

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